Raider Six Notice for Maintenance Completion & Free Rewards

Dear Raiders Six Users,

The maintenance has been completed at 7:00 am(IST) on 12th of July. After this maintenance, we have optimized the matching system of battlefields, and made the following BUG fixed and adjustments on the game.

  1. Added new tutorial description about customization of Gyroscope in SETTINGS.
  2. Adjusted the performance of the animiation when characters are fighting by fists.
  3. Adjusted the doubling mechanism of Element U in the battlefield.
  4. Adjusted the standstill duration when characters jump and fall down the ground.
  5. Lowered the Initial maximum number of wolves in WEREWOLF Mode.
  6. Lowered the points requirement for the rewards of Werewolf Assault.
  7. Fixed the problem of abnormal display of positions of some characters’ hairstyles.
  8. Fixed the problem of abnormal display of positions of headset accessories during the fight.
  9. Fixed the problem of abnormal resetting problem about the Hunting Points of Werewolf Assault.
  10. Fixed the problem of abnormal data occurring when following players in SOCIAL CENTER.
  11. Fixed the problem of the spawning mechanism of enemies in the battlefield.

To apologize for the inconvenience caused this time, we would like to send the gifts to all Raiders as a compensation.

Compensation Reward:

  1. Room Card *2
  2. Element U *3000

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and thank you for your support to “RAIDER SIX” all the time!


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