Who is the Owner Of Raider Six Game: Raider Six Mobile Owner Name?

Raider Six Mobile Owner Name : Raider six mobile game has been launched on google play store since then many people want to know who is the owner of raider six game. In today’s article, we are going to provide you detailed information about Raider Six Mobile Game Owner Name. If you play Raider Six mobile game then you must read this article till the end.

If you’re interested in learning more about Raider 6 and also love Raider SIX Game then you must be aware of it. Because every single mobile gamer should know about the history of raider six mobile, so that he/she will be able to connect with it more than other Gamer’s.

About Raider SIX Mobile Game

The battle Royale action mobile game specifically designed for Indian gamers who love action games is dubbed Raider Six. This exciting game features an exciting Indian war scenario, as well as several Indian characters, marking the first time these elements are integrated into the genre.

Raider six Mobile owner name

Raider Six is an Indian mobile action battle royale game created by Starlight Gaming, released on July 4, 2023. Worldwide conventional power sources will run out by 2048. There is debate over the use of element u. Recently discovered renewable energy sources. The entire world supply of this element is located in Area 6, where the Guardians protect it. A deadly bioweapon attack wipes out Area 6, causing the Pandora virus to eventually mutate all the soldiers and Guardians.

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Who is The Owner Of Raider SIX Mobile?

India’s leading studio, Starlight Gaming has announced that its first game, ‘Raider Six Mobile’ (Raider 6), a battle royale title, will be coming to India.The game is expected to take place in India with characters and a storyline and includes some interesting characters that are connected to the tales of India.

Raider SIX Mobile Owner Name

The story behind the Game Laveesh Pandey CEO of Starlight Gaming, “We are working on the narrative of Raider SIX in such a way that it provides the excitement of Bollywood rivalry gangsters, but in a battle royale-style format. Raider Six Mobile Owner Name is Starlight Gaming.

Raider six Mobile owner name

We are gamers and enjoy games. We want to create characters tales, stories, narratives as well as worlds that players enjoy for a long time to be. Be prepared as we go to the world of gaming on an aircraft, brimming with Starlight Gaming.


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